Our territory

The Granada Geopark covers the north half of the province of Granada.

Different geologists began to show interest on the geographical peculiarities of this land more than  150 years ago.

While the rest of Europe was under glaciation, here we had the circumstances for a closed lake to open to a river forming the badlands that today we can visit like nowhere else in Europe.

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks”, John Muir.

Feel the nature

With ONTURI you will know:

  • Badlands presenting an incredible range of colours forming a desert landscape similar to the one in Death Valley in California. Some will affirm this is the safest desert in the world.
  • Paleontological Sites. You’ll discover the greatest mammals register in Europe.
  • Seismites: rock formations generated by earthquakes processes.
  • In our land water flows breaking the desert landscape Porque en nuestra tierra el agua fluye rompiendo el paisaje desértico without compassion. Contrasts are fascinating.
  • Faults: To get lost in infinity.
  • And much more ….

Feel the history

With ONTURI you will know:

  • Prehistoric sites and museums. The oldest human remains of Europe were found here. The archaeological sites are very easy to understand, also for the youngest.
  • Cave paintings: Caves just opened to the public.
  • Dolmens: more than 20 kilometers of megalithic tombs surrounded by a lunar scenery that does not exist anywhere else.
  • Architecture from different periods: Although peace did not always rign, in this territory you will find an amalgam of cultures, such as arabs, renaissance, prehistoric, romanesque, …
  • And much more ….

Feel the relax

With ONTURI you will know:

  • Spas
  • Cave Houses. Still haven’t lived the experience of sleeping in a cave house? Its silence and constant temperature favor the most repairing and rewarding dreams.
  • And much more…

Feel the taste

With ONTURI you will know:

  • Wineries: In some areas of the Geopark you’ll find local wineries of great quality.
  • Lamb: Is you haven’t eaten it yet, you don’t know how a lamb tastes.


ONTURI is specialized in cultural, natural, gastronomic and leisure experiences.

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