Balloon flight in Granada Geopark

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This balloon flight activity in the Granada Geopark begins at dawn.

The organizing company will pick up the customers at a meeting point (near to Guadix) to transfer them to the place of take-off, which may vary based on the weather.

The balloon flight lasts approximately one hour and we recommend the use of comfortable clothing appropiate to the season.

After the landing the balloon is collected and the customers will receive an accreditation diploma.

Finally the attendees are invited to a breakfast and they are returned to the meeting point.

The approximate duration of this activity, including the transfers from and to the meeting point, is around 3 or 4 hours.

The balloon flight journey through the Granada Geopark.

This flight takes place in a spectacular landscape conquering heights above 2,000 meteros or with low flights. With Sierra Nevada as a backdrop, the tour allows you to admire the cathedral of Guadix, its citadel and the neighborhoods of the cave houses and then move through the air to the ocher tapestries that draw the badlands.

If you are thinking about making a gift, balloon flight will be an unforgettable and enriching experience. A perfect gift for yourself or to sorprise family and friends.


Particular cancellation conditions

  • When passengers are loose (8 or less): If the flight is suspended due to bad weather conditions, you will get a pass for another day and no cancellation fees will be charged. If this is would be not possible, money would be returned.
  • In groups of more than 8 people: Cuando son grupos de más de 8 personas: Si antes de las 10:00 AM del día anterior al vuelo, se preven condiciones meteorológicas inestables, se podrá suspender la actividad. Los gastos de cancelación ascenderían a:
    * Sin gastos para grupos de 25 pasajeros o menos.
    * 100 € para grupos de 25 a 50 pasajeros.
    * 250 € para grupos de más de 50 pasajeros.
    Si se suspende en el mismo día o después de las 10:00 AM del día anterior al vuelo por condiciones meteorológicas se cobraría el 40 % del presupuesto.



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